Hi there! I’m Ashley Ess.


I write things, edit things and create things.

How I can help you?


There’s more to writing than just words.


That’s why I take an intuitive approach to the projects I work on. Call it a passion for separating the figurative from the literal, and then reacquainting the two in euphoric jubilation. (Too much?) Truth is I simply like words. A lot.



Writing + Consulting

from articles to web copy to you-name-it

I'm human and I like to write for humans. That's why I prefer the a holistic approach of incorporating my head, heart and hands into my writing. No content mill approach or robots here!


Editing, Proofreading + Polishing

Slicing + Dicing, but never mincing

I’ll help you toss that word salad write right out the window. I know, I know, that can get pretty messy—especially when there's too much dressing. But I've got you covered...

“The soul never thinks without an image” - Aristotle


I love to think in images. So, naturally, I took my creative background and turned to the greatest invention ever, the Internet (well, next to hot fudge sundaes, that is). Website design, layout + consulting, newsletter campaigns, press kits and more fill my creative bag of tricks.