Who am I?

I like to write things, edit things, create things, paint things and craft things.

Inside my mind, I am a serial creator. I develop visually-stunning and emotionally-charged music videos when I listen to a favorite song. I choreograph large-venue dance performances, step inside a major director’s shoes to re-edit a film, and devise new color schemes and layouts for friends’ homes (but please don’t say anything). A girl can dream, no?

In my humble reality, I design websites, email newsletters, press kits, flyers and more.

I also write and edit for a variety of clients. Topics include green living, home + family, holistic health + wellness, crafting + hobbies, lifestyle, volunteerism + activism, women’s issues, natural beauty, healthy eating, and the list goes on…

I am also the editor, publisher and creative director of Bamboo Magazine | Whole Family Living.